(During renovations, held at Mt Roskill Primary School)
Sunday 8:00am
Sunday 10:00am
Sunday 7:00pm (monthly, held at 102b Hillsborough Rd)
Wednesday 10:00am (held at Lynfield Community Church)

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At St Margaret's we aim to be a church where everyone can find a home and grow in their relationship with God.

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8:00am & 10:15am Sunday worship service


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This Sunday,26  October we are following the'A' service format.

We are excited to welcome Paul Thaxter, the CMS director responsible for sharing ideas, resources

Sunday 16 November
7pm in the Vicarage

6-8pm Sundays
For year 9-13s at school

8pm Monday 3 November
Hoyts Sylvia Park

Our Youth Group is heading away on camp from 5-7 December.

5-7 December 2014
Moirs Point, Mangawhai

7pm Saturday 22 November
Blockhouse Bay Community Church

3.40-5pm Tuesdays

6.30pm Saturday 8 November
Church of the Holy Sepulchre

During the early 1980s members of St. Margaret’s Church visited the H.H.

Thank you so much to everyone who has volunteered their time in response to my email last week re

9am Sundays

Aaron and I will be going to Mongu in Western Zambia for 6 weeks from early January until the end

Corporate Prayer's particular focus is to pray for God's ongoing work in St Margaret's church, an

7pm Fridays
Youth Group for those in year 6-13 at school

An unique opportunity to unite the local body of Christ around a powerful, Biblical vision for ch

"What Sweeter Music - A Festival of Carols" by Mark Hayes.


Welcome to the St Margaret's Website.

If you are in Auckland, New Zealand, we would love for you to join us at one of our services.

Our address is 102 Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough, Auckland. However, we are currently undergoing renovation work, and our Sunday morning services will be held at Mt Roskil Primary School through the duration of our building project.

Our Sunday service times are 8:00am and 10:10am.
We also have a 10:00am service on Wednesday mornings, which will be meeting at Lynfield Community Church through the duration of our renovation project.


Throughout the Old Testament the prophets like Micah call the leadership and the people of the Northern and southern kingdoms to repent from their worship of false gods and their violent greed and from oppressing the poor and to behave like the covenant people of God, They  are called to return to Gods ways. But the people listen to false prophets and ignore the true prophet's voice. This leads to a very unjust society. In the New Testament repentance is a major aspect of Christian life. The gospel of Mark says repent and believe the good news. John the Baptist was calling people to change their ways and live a different kind of life. Repentance is always more than a prayer. The scribes and Pharisees were accused of not practising what they preached. They preferred pride and privilege to humility and service, a public display of religion but not personal piety and an obsession with rules rather than addressing the real issues of being God's community. Some people in Thessalonika had responded to the message of the apostle Paul who shared God' word with them accompanied by humility and loving service. Paul was maintaining this link with them and it was of mutual benefit. 

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