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At St Margaret's we aim to be a church where everyone can find a home and grow in their relationship with God.

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Sunday 20 April, 9.15am

Monday 21 April, 8am

youth easter camp
friday 18 - monday 21 april

Clan McGarry will be on holiday from 21-28 April!

On Sunday, 27 April 2014, our South African parishioners will be hosting a lunch for the church a

Our Sunday evening service, normally held on the third Sunday of the month, will be held next Sun

Tuesdays 6.45pm

Please join us for a simple communion service at 9 am on Good Friday morning.

Please join us as we pray every Friday between 12noon – 1pm in the church library/foyer.

youth events take a break over the school holidays

position available mid 2014

Sundays 9.15am

for young adults
saturday 26 april

Our current Shop Manager, Leslie Scott, has indicated that she will be finishing at or before the

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Welcome to the St Margaret's Website.

If you are in Auckland, New Zealand, we would like to welcome you to our services.

Our address is 102 Hillsborough Rd, Hillsborough, Auckland.

Our Sunday service times are 8:00am and 10:15am.
We also have a 10:00am service on Wednesday mornings.

Witness to the Good News

When Paul preached in Athens, some thought that he was preaching about a god called Jesus, and his consort Anastasis (resurrection), so central was the resurrection to the proclamation of the good news in Jesus. It was the resurrection that justified the second part of the early hymn recorded in Philippian 2:6-11. On what basis could the disciples of Jesus claim that "God has highly exalted him?" Only on the basis of the resurrection. The evidence of the resurrection was a crucial part of the proclamation. Paul provides a list of resurrection appearances of Jesus, even one that involved 500 people (1 Corinthians 15;3-8). The Gospels record the discovery of the empty tomb as well as a variety of appearances of Jesus. In his second volume, the Gospel writer Luke records "After his suffering he presented himself alive to them by many convincing proofs, appearing to them during forty days and speaking about the kingdom of God." (Acts 1:3) On Easter Day, we celebrate this amazing event. Although we may have many questions about the appearances, the evidence is strong - Jesus did not remain dead. However, it is also clear that the physical form of Jesus was changed. Jesus appeared physically, yet he could appear and then vanish, as though he were in another dimension (Luke 24:31, John 20:19). We have no explanation of this, but his resurrection is the blueprint for our own. When Jesus returns in glory, we shall be changed to be like him. How do we know? Because of the resurrection of Jesus.

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